Looks to Try, Where to Shop

Salt Water Sandals

When it comes to sandal shopping, I’m very picky. Sandals have to be comfortable, not too expensive because I’ll wear them out, not too cheap because I need them to last, and a simple design that can be thrown on with any summer outfit.

Enter: The Salt Water Sandal.

I first heard of these lovely guys a year ago from a friend who bought a pair in the Hamptons. She said they were mostly sold out in the city. I scoured the internet for a pair and everywhere you could imagine was freaking sold out. I was defeated.

Fast forward a year later and I stumble upon these perfect, leatherette, sandals in a Brooklyn shoe store in plethora of colors (not just your black, brown, white). My gut told me: “Carl, don’t walk away. If you do, you’ll never find ever again.” So I walked right in and scooped up my very own pair in a beautiful gold shade.

Celebrating America’s birthday right

What makes these sandals so fabulous?

1. They are the most comfortable sandals my feet have ever seen and I smack a lot of pavement in the Big Apple…I would know.

2. They are high quality and water proof

3. Their retro style literally works with any outfit you could ever dream of

4. They are cheap, retailing from $35-40 a pop.

I suggest y’all hop on this trend asap. You can purchase them online or at boutique-like shoe stores. Madewell also carries them in -stores even though they are currently sold out online.

peace, love, and happy feet,



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