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Music Monday: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons hails from Las Vegas, but don’t expect any cheesy show tunes or Cher revival esque jams, Imagine Dragons is all indie-dance-love-pop music. Their EP opens with “Radioactive,” which you initially think is going to be another whimsical, indie delight to lay in the grass and listen too and then…….the beat drops. Radioactive is by far my most favorite song on this album, did I mention that this is only their EP? A six song, little taste of what is to come. Anyways, listen to them on Spotify or however you do your listening. They will be big, I can feel it. I’m including a list of things to-do to each song on their EP, because I just love them that much.

Radioactive- Run to this song. Match your stride to the ups and downs of the beat. Get SWEATY!

Demons- This is the perfect road trip song. Open road + hot fries + diet coke + Demons= Happy Blythe

On Top of the World- I envision myself throwing one of those great summer parties. On a rooftop somewhere. Everyone’s drinking something colorful in even more colorful cups. The sun is shining.

Round and Round- This one is for night drives. Two little beams of light and let this song guide you to your destination.

It’s Time- This is the perfect song to share with your friend/sibling/buddy who is making a big transition. Graduating? Moving? Breaking Up? Starting something new? This is the perfect song to give you a little nudge in the right direction.

My Fault- This song is for rainy days. Listen. Eat some soup. Drink some soup. Simmer.



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