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Madewell: The New Cool Kid

If you haven’t ventured into a mall lately, specifically Keystone Mall, then you probably haven’t ambled by Madewell. Allow me to make some introductions. Reader meet Madewell, a part of the J. Crew family, but she’s younger, hipper and has a penchant for crazy patterns, bright colors and isn’t afraid to mix them altogether. While little Madewell does occasionally raid big sis J. Crew’s closet, she always puts her own spin on things. You guys will probably be the best of friends.

Madewell opened in Keystone back in April, I think, and I’ve been smitten ever since (Carl is an employee as well). The clothes are made from great fabrics, no polyester here, only silk, cotton, tweed, rayon etc. I liken the clothing at Madewell to be a less hip Urban Outfitters (with waaaaaaay better quality clothing) and way more hip than J. Crew. Basically, Madewell is the perfecto store for me to pick up stuff that is clean cut enough to wear from 9-5 and with a few tweeks can be taken out for a night of drinks and dancing. The price isn’t always super Ballin’ On A Budget, BUT, they have amazing sales ( and did I mention the quality?). Two weeks ago, I wandered in and all of their sale items were an ADDITIONAL 50% off. I bought these two things:

They’re listed as being $39.99 on the site (originally $78!), but they were cheaper in store. I wore these that very night with a white, sleeveless button up tied at the waist, gold chain necklace and strappy, flat brown sandals. I’ve since paired the shorts with a black top with embellished shoulders and black high heels. Can’t wait to wear them this fall/winter with black tights and boots. They’re the absolute perfect rise for tucking in tops!

This beautiful gold sweater is also listed at $39.99 (originally $75!) on the site and was also cheaper in store. I’ve worn this loose fitting sweater over jeans, with high waisted shorts AND I wore it to work last week with my Forever 21 floral printed skirt and nude shoes.

Shoutout to Wagon for picking my outfit out!!

Both of these pieces, listed on the site would be $80 together, but as I said they were cheaper in the store AND an additional 50% off, so how much did I pay for those lovely short and sweater?  Drum roll please……. $22.56!! Wait, did I not mention that at Madewell, if you show your student I.D. you get an additional 20% off your entire purchase? I didn’t? Well it’s true! I checked out and before she gave me my total, I asked if I could use my student discount on sale stuff and the sales clerk said sure! Basically this brand rocks, they make great clothes that are a little more funky, perfect for people like me that hate the corporate drone of black and white and suits. Madewell allows me to show off a little of my artsy side while still looking the part of 20 something professional.



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