You’re only young once, show some leg

Today’s post is simply a story. So grab your carpet square and gather round, Uncle Carl’s got something to say.

Last week, I attended the Dark Disco on a Sunday night in the Lower East Side. What’s a “Dark Disco” you might ask? It’s a rooftop party full of the strangest people you’ll ever meet (i.e. a stripper from Portland, Russian tourists, and a Manhattan-raised organic farmer who now resides in Colorado). Every so often Fool’s Gold brings NYC parties with best up and coming DJs. Passed appearances have been made by DJ Diplo and A-track but as cool as that is, it has nothing to do with my story…
SO! It was one of those days where I was struggling to feel comfortable in whatever outfit I put on. I left for the disco very unsatisfied with my look in a gold caftan-like dress and sandals. There lot’s of good looking men on this rooftop but my mo-jo was just off. I did end up having a great time but I was definitely off my game. My gal pals and I decided to hit up Micky Dees to soak up the G&Ts (gin and tonic) in our tummys. As I grabbed my order at the counter and went to sit down I hear, “Excuse me, miss?” **cue Pharell** I look up and see two men sitting at a booth together (sexuality questionable). One says to me, “I really love the fabric of your dress.” “Thanks!” I reply, confirming that he is most likely a gay man. As I turn to walk away he continues, “Your dress is nice, but I just have to say you’re beautiful and that dress does not show it. When you’re 60, you’re gonna wish you showed more leg on a Sunday night.” Little did he know, this is EGGZACTLY what I needed to hear that day. And as he was leaving (and I had just finishing downing my Rolo McFlurry) he stopped by our booth. “My friend here asked me why I bothered to tell you all that tonight. But I told him ‘Because it made a lady smile.’ “
And so, in a McDonalds, on the Lower East Side, on a Sunday night, a total random questionably gay (still TBD) stranger told me everything I need to hear.
You’re only young once. Show some leg.
Uncle Carl

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