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Peacock Serving Tray

Now, I can’t take all the credit for this one. A friend, the fabulous Miss Stephanie Flint, told me about this place and I decided to check it out one day after work. Welcome to Reclamation, nestled on Winthrop between 52nd and 54th street. If you don’t know what to look for, you might not find it. Also, as an aside, I LOVE this little area that’s tucked away. A few years ago it was pretty run down but great places like Reclamation and others are slowly restoring the little street to its former glory. Anywayyyyyy, Reclamation is a place to go when you have lots of time to look around, and it’s not too hot out. The way it runs is similar to Midland Arts and Antiques, except the prices are more reasonable. What this means, if you are unfamiliar with Midland, this antique store has booths that people rent out and display their items in. This means 1. selection changes on the reg because the dealers/booth renters are always bringing in new stuff 2. Prices can vary wildly from booth to booth.

While making my way through the first floor, I say this little tray. The green/turquoise/blueish shade just so happens to perfectly match the carpet and curtains in my apartment and the peacock was, obviously, magnificent. I could’ve spent a lot of time wandering around but I was still wearing my high heels from work and it was a very hot day. I moseyed into basement and was delighted to find it packed with vintage clothing and other odds and ends. The end of this story is you should check out Reclamation. The sales lady who helped me was awesome! I was on the hunt for doilies and she offered to take down my name and number and said she would call if any came in. That, my dear friends, is called customer service. I’ll definitely be going back!





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