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Music Monday: Dreamers of the Ghetto

Almost two years ago, I bought Wagon tickets to see one of his favorite bands, Murder by Death, play a super small show at Russian Recording in Bloomington. This show was extra special because they were live broadcasting the show on a local radio station. Anywho, the opener came out to play. The lead singer as wearing some sort of chain mail shirt thing. Band members were wearing face paint, which I’m no stranger to, feathers, more metal, etc. Now, let me tell you that I’m not one for openers. I know I’m a music snob and I should give everyone a fair shot and what not, but I usually show up to concerts late to avoid the opener. Well I’m glad I got to hear this painted, metaled, feathered band. Dreamers of the Ghetto took the stage and my oh my did they take it. As soon as the lead singer started, my mind was trying to place him, who did he sound like? I came to my conclusion half way through their first song. If Bono and Sting had a love child, it would be this man’s voice. If you don’t believe check out their jam, Tether, here. Anyway, this band is awesome. I’ve seen them a few times since and when they perform, their one of those bands that suck you in. You get tunnel vision, all you see is them and hear their music, the rest of the world blurs. You should still be able to pick up their record at Luna in town and, if you get the chance, see them in concert too.  Check them out, you won’t regret it.

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