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A Sweaty Girls Guide to Summer Time

“Yes, Katie you are very sweaty. I’m sorry about that.”

My brother said this to me when he came to visit The Big Apple not too long ago. And he’s right, I truly AM such a sweaty girl. I don’t know what the deal is (genetics?) but I’ve come to cope with my condition through out the years. All I have to say is thank god the days of corsets and ankle-length wool skirts are gone! Now-a-days, I just have to worry about pittin’ out.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only sweaty girl out there so this post is for those ladies trying to stay dry during the summer months. Know that you’re not alone and that one day, post menopause, your sweat glands will finally take it easy.

The following are my tips to leading a less sweaty existence:

Avoiding SBS: SBS (Sweaty Bang Syndrome) is sweeping the nation and making girls with fringe miserable everywhere. Avoid looking like your bangs just took a dip in a chlorine pool and air dried all afternoon by always carrying dry shampoo. At the travel size section in Target, you can find mini bottles of dry shampoo that are the perfect size to throw in your bag for a night out.

The Shinning: When your phone has water damage, it is said that immersing it in a bowl of rice will absorb the moisture. Apply this concept to a shinny face. A Colts cheerleader shared this trick with me last summer. Once your makeup is applied, dust Rice Powder all over (especially your forehead for those of you with bangs), and it will absorb moisture as well as set your makeup for an entire evening. This stuff has changed my life. Find Rice Powder at Ulta for a whopping $4.99.

DO 4 My BO: I’ve struggled to find the right deodorant for the longest time. Solid or gel. Extra strength or original formula. I’ve completely given up on women’s deodorant offerings. For me, it’s all about Old Spice. Not only is awesome to smell like a dude, but that very scent does a WAY better job at covering up any sort of sweaty scent your body gives off. Oh, and it keeps me dry (well as dry as I’ll ever be). I endorse women wearing men’s DO. Try it.

Receipts: You know those oil absorbing pads that cost an arm and a leg that you throw out after one use? Well who know that these same pads lived in your purse just begging to be used. Receipt paper is very oil absorbent and is the perfect solution to sucking up that unwanted oil or sweat from your face. Blot away!

Spanx: Chaffing. Yup, I said it. I’m going there. All my curvy divas know that there is nothing worse than your thighs rubbing together on a hot day. This is where Spanx come in: throw them on under a dress or skirt and feel the “ooooo” and the “awwww”. Now, it is important to keep your Spanx from getting sweaty so I suggest you pat baby powder on your inner thighs before slipping into your shapewear.

And those are my best sweaty girl tips. May your dry fit be with you.



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