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Forever 21 Will Forever Be in my Heart

It’s no secret that I love Forever 21. My ways of shopping there, however, have evolved. I hate shopping in their store. Despise it. Things are never, ever organized, dressing rooms are hot and the folks working aren’t usually the most cheerful. I do, however, love shopping online. It’s awesome and while I do have some suggestions for their website, I won’t bore you with those details, I recently bought some items that I’m going to share. ALSO, they’re having their BOGO sale, which means that you can basically get two items for, like $10 dolla. 


Behold, I give you the perfect work skirt. This little number is light, zips up the back, perfectly high waisted and at $12.50, you literally cannot beat that price. Wait, did you not catch that, this skirt is TWELVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. I can barely eat out for that much. This skirt is great, it doesn’t seem to wrinkle that easily which is great when you hate to iron, the length is perfect for the corporate/biz casual world. Also, it comes in brown. So buy it, duh.


Guys, this is serious. I own this dress and I’m WILLINGLY sharing it with you. It looks simple doesn’t it. So simple and nice and blue. But then, you turn to the side and BIZAM, side slit action. This darling little maxi, and yes it is more of a maxi on someone who is not 5’11, is perfection. The elastic waist means that you can breathe (and eat) in this dress and dance the night away. The blue is much bluer in person, perfect for a person, like me, who really only wears shade of blue, red and purple. This little guy clocks in at a measly $24.80. I’m actually wearing it TONIGHT and I’ll wear it well into the fall/winter with tights, high heeled boots and a cropped jacket.




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