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Vintage Steamer Trunk

I recently ventured over to Rushville, IL, population 3,000, to visit my Gigi who lives in this wonderful old house. Every time I visit I always hit up this great antique store right on the square and each time I find something amazing- Jewelry, antique fur, vintage prints, they all have a place in my home! This particular visit, I discovered it. You know, those amazing things you discover in small towns that make for great stories? Well I found it, tucked away in the back of the store, an old steamer trunk, old key included. Now you all might not get that excited about steamer trunks, but they tend to be mucho, mucho money. Others I’ve encountered in Indy have started at $150, started. I’ve found ones for as much as $700. So when I stumbled across this beauty, I scrambled to find the price tag.  My heart took a nose dive into my stomach as I turned it over. I blinked, wait, how much is this? The answer? SEVENTY DOLLARS!! That was it. He was mine. I purchased this little steamer trunk, little is not an accurate representation because he’s over four feet tall. The gentleman who owned the joint gave me a little key, “Don’t loose it, it’s the only one.” No pressure or anything. Getting him back home to Indianapolis is another story for another day, but I will leave you with this photo.

Trunks ride shotgun


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