What To Do, Where to Shop

Homespun: Modern Handmade

Welcome to your new favorite store. In case you didn’t know already, I’m a little partial to Irvington and this is just another place that you all are going to love . Homespun is nestled in the heart of Irvington, just a few spots down from Carl and I’s favorite watering hole, and is dedicated to handmade goods. Think handmade plates, tshirts, jewelry, post cards, etc. There are sooooo many cool things in this little shop and the COOLEST part is that it’s always changing. You see, Homespun does something really cool, it allows local artists a place to showcase and sell all of their super cool stuff AND when you buy something, money goes not only to Homespun, but right back into the artists hands! How cool is that? They also JUST OPENED a workshops sorta place where people can take classes. Homespun – the place full of things you never knew you needed, until now.




ALSO ALSO ALSO – they carry these DELICIOUS gourmet marshmallows, get some when you’re there.


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