If you’ve been living under a rock, Haim might sound like a weird band name to you. (For the record it’s pronounced “High-em”, not “Hay-m”.) Composed of sisters Este, Alana and Danielle, Haim is like the indie version of the Spice Girls, except they all actually play instruments. Also is there anything sexier than long haired and limbed ladies playing guitar? I’m jealous. ┬áLong hair, shades and jean short cutoffs are their uniform, plus bright red lipstick if you’re Este.

The best way I can describe the essence of Haim is as follows:

1 part Annie Lennox

3 parts Stevie Nicks

1 part David Bowie

Dash of 90’s R&B

vigorously shake and enjoy

Also, newest from Haim

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