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Take Back Your Closet

In addition to my day time job, I recently started a part time gig at a retail store. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure our where. Anyway I had the most interesting conversation with a woman one day. She was trying to decide which top she wanted to purchase, one would be better for work, the other for fun. We got to talking about why we have work wardrobes and fun wardrobes, why can’t we find clothes that are both? Furthermore, we talked about the various fashion blogs we follow and lamented how absolutely none of them ever showcase anything close to work wear. Which got me thinking. Nearly all the fashion blogs I know of showcase bloggers being photographed in various locations in exorbitantly expensive dresses/shoes/insertnewestfashionitemhere. Also tons of bangles and rings and jewels in general. Any working gal out there knows that if you wear a bunch of bangles to work, within 15 minutes of typing all of them will be removed and laying in various places on your desk. Bangles are not meant to be worn at work, mostly because they make typing uncomfortable. SO! What I will attempt to do is fill this fashionable void. I’ll show you clothing, sometimes I’ll even be wearing it, and how you can wear it to work AND on the weekend. Your closet should be YOUR closet, you shouldn’t have to take sides.


This deliciously dark indigo chambray is completely adorable. The peter pan collar dresses it up, just a little bit. Wear it to work tucked into a pair of skinny black tailored pants with a great necklace, add a bright cardigan come winter. Wear it on the weekend either loose over a breezy dress or tied to define your waist. BOOM OPTIONS!


2 thoughts on “Take Back Your Closet

  1. I thought this was going to be about organization– I need to “take back my closet” 100 times over in that respect. Help?

    Also, my guess is Madewell?


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