The Benton House


I won’t be doing wedding posts on a weekly basis, because I’m assuming that might be a bit much. Anyway!  For my first official wedding post, I wanted to introduce you all to the backdrop for our wedding, The Benton House. When we got engaged and were venue hunting a few things were important to me. 

1. Ceremony + Reception areas

Having been to our fair share of weddings, we knew that we wanted a one stop shop.

2. Cost

Ballin on a budget, the wedding edition, was difficult. When it comes to weddings in general there are A LOT of fees. I could/will probably write an entire separate post on wedding venues and their fees because I found it all to be terribly confusing. The Benton House was incredibly, incredibly inexpensive. Like <$500 inexpensive.

3. Natural beauty

We didn’t want to spend a ton of money on decorations, we sought out a place that didn’t need much decorating.

4. Not popular

Call it my inner hipster (or am I actually a hipster?) but I didn’t want to get hitched at a place were everyone else in the greater Indianapolis area had gotten married.

5. History

I love history. Matt loves history. I wanted to find a place that meant something.

The Benton House had all of those things plus a few special connections. For starters, the Benton House is located in Irvington, home to Matt’s brewery, Black Acre Brewing. Also my alma mater, Butler University was located in Irvington for a time and the President of the university lived there! The house has been restored to what it would’ve looked like in 1900 and for an avid antiquer, I was in heaven. Here are a few snaps from the wedding so you can see the Benton House in all it’s glory. Also it has a mansard roof.

1009755_10151985984413508_653192532_n 1044567_10151985981363508_766081503_n 1001147_10151986112858508_845550179_n

*All photos by Violet Short of Violet Short Photography and her lovely mother, Jean Looper of Jean Looper Photography


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