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Decor: Bedroom

photo (34)

After planning our wedding, I thought my days of being super organized and thinking about color schemes was over. I was wrong. Moving in together and creating a home is a whole different beast. Curtains, rugs, picture frames, furniture are all needed and they can be $$$$$. In this decor series, I’ll take you through our apt and show you what we did (or attempted to do) and how we saved money.  First up is our bedroom! The apartment is a two bedroom in an old building in Meridian-Kessler. Our bedroom is the smaller of the two (for reference, we have a queen sized bed) and here it is! Striving for a calm and cool retreat, we opted to not hang a bunch of items (very difficult for me) and we chose a delightful shade of seafoamy green.

Tip #1: Regularly check the sale section

Target is notorious for doing weekly specials. With back to school time going on right now, many places are having sales on bedding and general “bedroom/dorm” decor. I wouldn’t suggest picking up an entire series of dorm items, but scooping up a few won’t hurt. We got the duvet cover + the comforter for around $100!

Tip #2: Find new uses for old things

The bench at the end of the bed is something Matt had forever, we repainted it black with gray accents. It’s suppose to be a great spot to relax, but most of the time it collects clothing (and laptops.)

photo (39)

Tip #3: Ask family For furniture

My vanity was my great-great-grandmothers, it’s over 100 years old. It’s awesome and old.

photo (36)

Tip #4: Scour through second hand stores

Second hand stores are AWESOME! You can find some really great things for not much money. Goodwill, Value World, Big Al’s, all of these places have an ever changing inventory. If they don’t have it today, they might have it next week. I picked up the chair from Midland Arts and Antiques for $60. It has some wear and tear, but the gold fabric looks awesome. (I strive to pick out what I’ll wear to work the night before so life is less hectic the next morning)

photo (37)

Tip #5 Use space in creative ways

I used an over the door guy (previously used for towels) to hang up my scarves, bathrobe and general lounge things. These particular items (scarves + bathrobes) are also colorful so in addition to being functional, they also add color to the room. Use the pretty things you own – shoes, scarves, a great purse or hat – for decor.

photo (38)

An additional item that you can’t see in photos is our rug. We have a medium sized rug that’s a few shades darker than our walls . We found it at a wonderful place called Garden Ridge. At Garden Ridge  you can find pillows, lamps, curtains, rugs and many other household items for a steal!

We don’t have too many rooms in our little apartment, but I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


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