Looks to Try, Where to Shop

9to5: Work Pants

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 12.34.56 PM

Ladies, the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to completely refresh your work wardrobe, ahem, regular wardrobe because we’re not dividing them anymore, is  purchase a great pair of pants. Please, for the love of God, DONATE those crappy black pants from high school. You know the ones I’m talking about. Big wide leg. Backs frayed from years of stepping on them. I see women every single day in these ugly black trousers with big wide legs. I want to shake them and tell them if they wanted to updated their entire look, what they are wearing at that exact moment, all they’d need is a great pair of pants. No trendy top or in style pumps, just pants. This tip is ageless ladies, any women at any age can instantly look like she belongs in the year 2013 by wearing a great pair of pants. And what is this illustrious pant? Let me tell you:

Recipe for wonderful, classic, baller pant:

  • fitted through hip and thighs, notice I didn’t say skinny, just fitted
  • slim leg opening, no wide legs here ladies, show off those shoes
  • non bulky pockets
  • a little bit of stretch
  • ankle length, perfect for heels and flats, ankle length is universally flattering

The Loft makes great pants that all meet the above criteria in several shades and patterns, also they’re fairly inexpensive. The Loft is also almost running a sale or feature so figure out what size and style you like, then stock up when they’re on sale.  This black pair that’s showcasing a big fall trend, moto, will set you back $69.50. Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 12.35.37 PM

Have a pair of pants that you love dearly and don’t want to donate? Let me introduce you to your new best friend, a tailor. Take your beloved pants to a tailor and have them slim the leg and shorten the leg opening and VOILA you’ve just spent (probably) less than $20 and completely updated your look.


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