Ombre Dresser

photo (41)

We bought this dresser when we moved into our new apartment. We don’t use it as a dresser though, we use it as a TV stand. I originally wanted a vintage credenza, but in the end we didn’t have the space. Enter this adorable dresser I scored from Big Al’s for $60. I already had an idea for this little guy, but had to run it by Wagon first. Inspired by this, I wanted to create an ombre dresser. Now, I’m not usually a fan of painting wood, but this wood was already a gross shade of i-was-once-probably-painted-white and just look at those heinous stencils. I usually like a quick fix, but I married a man who is all about doing things  the right way so they’ll last forever and what not. So we didn’t go my route (which was basically just spray paint) and we went Wagon’s route. Here are the steps we did:

1. Sand

2. Paint

3. Paint

4. Sand

5. Paint

6. Wax

7. Buff

Wow that’s a lot of steps. But according to Wagon it will make our little dresser’s paint job last longer. We did the drawers first and finished up the rest over the weekend. We decided to do a little pop of teal to add a bit of color. And now for the final reveal!!


photo (43)

AFTERphoto (40)


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