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Review: BaubleBar

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I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to ordering things online. Call me old fashioned or what not, but I like to see things with my own eyes before buying them. I like to touch it, caress it, all the things. I’d definitely heard of BaubleBar before and I see their ads all over the net. After stalking their website for a few weeks I finally made a purchase! I bought the Aqua Fiesta Fringe Collar  AND the Baroque Crystal Mirror Pendant, but I won’t get that one for a week or two, I  pre-ordered it.  BaubleBar seems to have jewelry for everyone. Bright, sparkly, sleek, muted, classic, they literally have it all. Part of the reason why I finally pulled the trigger on my purchase was that on each BaubleBar piece, they give you plenty of photos. Pictures of the piece itself, the piece on someone AND, my personal favorite, they allow their clients to submit photos of themselves wearing the jewels. It’s a great way to see how other people wear the jewelry, but you also get to see the piece on a real person, not under perfect studio lighting. All in all, I’m really happy with my very first BaubleBar purchase. It more than I’m used to paying for jewelry, i.e. < $10 from Forever 21, but the quality seems to be much better and hopefully it won’t turn my neck green or make it itch! To see how I’m wearing my new BaubleBar necklace TODAY, check out my instagram!

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