For the Makers: Block Party

photo (50)

Yesterday I got my very first For the Makers box and I could barely wait to get started! This month’s collection is an ode to the end of summer and it came with 4 DIY projects to complete. I took my lunch hour and started right away on the Billie Jean Bracelet. It took me a few tries, but after pulling out a few knots I finally got the hang of it and finished my bracelet in less than 45 minutes total (including all the start overs). When I got home I got started on the Maneater Earrings. After playing around with the length, I decided to make it a 2 stone drop, red on top, pink on bottom, and use the purple stones to make another Billie Jean Bracelet. And I’m SO GLAD that I did. I have two projects left, the True Colors Necklace and the Two-Faced Tech Clutch. What I have thoroughly enjoyed about For the Makers is the quality of all of the items. After crafting the bracelet and earrings I took an honest look at them and concluded that they totally look like they could’ve come from a store. Now I’ve done my fair share of DIY projects and while some turn out looking okay, most look like crap. The tutorials are easy to follow, the pieces are beautiful and each and every collection is inspired by whats actually going on in fashion. I’ll share the next two projects with you when I get them done, but seriously guys, for $29 a month this is a S-T-E-A-L!

photo (48)

Completed Maneater Earrings

The Block Party Collection

The Block Party Collection


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