Engagement Ring: Our Story


I love antiques because they have a story. They’ve been somewhere else and have scene other things. When Wagon and I started talking about getting engaged, I knew that I wanted a unique engagement ring, one with a story. I approached my Gigi about her jewelry collection a few months before we got engaged and asked if she had any old pieces laying around that we could incorporate into my wedding ring. I initially thought she’d give me an old ring or something and I’d use the diamonds or stones in my wedding band. Much to my delight she presented me with a necklace, one she’d worn for many years. It was very simple, just a single chain with a diamond pendant on it. She told me that my Papa, her husband, had given it to her for Valentine’s Day a looooooong time ago. He’d been looking for just the right gift and found the simple necklace. Outside of getting a new chain from time to time, she’d worn it for the better part of 20+ years.

I was ecstatic to get this wonderful necklace with such a beautiful diamond and story. Wagon, on the other hand, was confused. He completely supported the idea of using Gigi’s diamond but was at a loss of what to propose with. THIS, ladies, is how you can get engaged and get an additional piece of beautiful jewelry. I told Wagon to simply propose with something else. This is what he came up with:

311105_10151496488223508_1624380235_nWhen he proposed and brought out this huge box I was overjoyed to see this little cutie beaming up at me. This wonderful necklace, which he picked up at G. Thrapp with a little help from Dana, is actually quite long. I love love love it and wear it just about every day. Next up was finding just the right setting and design for my heirloom diamond. Again, the lovely folks at G. Thrapp went above and beyond to help us find the most perfect setting. I now know what it feels like to be in a man’s shoes. Picking out your engagement ring is tough business. You’re going to wear it FOREVER – no pressure or anything. Julie called me on a Thursday and told me about a trunk show G. Thrapp was having that very night. She’d seen several of the pieces of one designer and thought I’d really like them. That night Wagon and I showed up and met Megan Thorne a lovely designer based in Texas and I fell in love. After taking too many photos (and sending all of them to my mom) I decided that I’d wait to see a few more options. But then I didn’t. Not even an hour after we left G. Thrapp I called and emailed Julie to let her know that I’d found my ring. Off my heirloom diamond went to Texas (thanks to Julie for sending me the tracking codes so I could stalk it online) and in a few short weeks it was on my finger, just in time for a visit from Gigi! We ended up getting both of our wedding rings made by Megan Thorne, in matching rose gold. I cannot say enough about the folks at G. Thrapp or Megan Thorne and I feel incredibly grateful that my engagement ring represents the love my grandparents shared for almost 40 years.



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