Vintage Finds

Bulova Watch


For my 25th I decided that I wanted to buy myself a nice watch. I regularly wear my dad’s old gold watch and while I love it, it’s sorta bulky. I was on the hunt for a dainty little time piece. After searching what felt like the entire internet I decided to pay a visit to my BFF, Etsy. And low and behold I stumbled upon this little gem. My Bulova watch was less than $20 and while it doesn’t currently work, I plan paying a visit to G. Thrapp to see what magic they can work on it. Apparently Bulova is a rather famous luxury watch company founded by Joseph Bulova who immigrated from Bohemia, which for the record doesn’t exist anymore. Sold to Citizen in 2008, Bulova still makes watches and clocks.

My watch came from the Etsy shop, Moment of Nostalgia out of Ohio. If money grew on trees, I’d probably buy this beautiful bracelet or this colorful vase or this art deco necklace. Etsy for the win!



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