Haim: Days Are Gone



After their EP’s, singles, remixes and a (kinda) world tour, Haim has FINALLY released their debut album. On Friday, Days Are Gone was released to the masses and it’s already scooping up lots of positive reviews. (Pitchfork gave them an 8.3/10 and called them an “affable, playing-to-the-rafters rock stars as well as studio pros. Days Are Gone‘s divine pleasures suggest that, rock history be damned, family business doesn’t always have to be dysfunctional.”) What I really, really love about Haim is they’re showing music that ladies can really throw down in the singing and song writing department. We haven’t had a girl group make great funky music in so long (or ever?). In addition to their refreshing poppy sound, they’re freaking sisters. I’m just going to call it right now that 10 years from now there will be HAIM: THE MOVIE and it will be about the story of how they rose to f(h)a(i)me. I’m also calling dibs on playing Este, I’d be more than happy to dye my locks blonde if it meant getting to wear red lipstick and slap the bass.

Pick up their album at your friendly neighborhood record store Luna or Indy CD & Vinyl or on itunes or you can listen to the whole record on Spotify.

Now excuse me while I jam out at my desk.



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