Blow Dryin Bangs


This summer I had real live bangs for the first time since I was a 10-year-old and my mom picked my hair cuts. My BFF and hair stylist for the better part of my life Mr. Josh Redmon  suggested bangs after I told him that I was bored with my long hair. After not doing anything drastic to my hair for several months, because who makes drastic hair changes months before your wedding, I went for it. But here was the problem. I had absolutely no idea how to do them. I tried to blow dry them and hair spray them and curl them and tease them. And every. single. time. they looked terrible. The next time I sat in Josh’s chair I told him about my bangs woes. They NEVER looked as good as when he did them. So he clued me on a little trick and it’s SO EASY, holy crap it’s easy and now I love my bangs even more. Are you ready?  If your bangs aren’t already wet, then get them wet. I always wash my hair at night, so I always have to get mine wet in the morning. For you morning shower-ers you ALREADY have one step down. Then you simply blow dry your bangs up, down, left and right. Basically make a big square until your bangs are dry. With this trick you get natural volume at the base thanks to that up blow dry and a little natural curl on the ends. For those of you who like visuals her is a photoshopped picture of me + arrows so you can visualize it. When my bangs are dry I brush them where I want them and then hit the base with just a touch of hairspray to hold them all day. And then BOOM you’re done.Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 3.01.37 PM


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