Meet Blythe

photo 09-20-15

The name’s Blythe. Not Life, Rice, Blith, Blife, it’s Blythe, plain and simple. I’m a (mostly) recent college grad hustlin and trying to make my way in the world. Working in corporate America and being a fashionable young professional is HARD. For one it’s hard to be ballin on a budget AND find business casual pieces.  I live in an ancient apartment in Indy and am on a constant quest to find new, great pieces to decorate with. Also, an important note to make is that I recently got engaged and am waist deep in wedding planning. But don’t fret, this isn’t turning into a wedding blog! I’ll be covering a broad range of topics: office attire, budgeting cash flow, apartment DIY’s and plain old life. If you’d like to hear my thoughts on anything specific let me know!

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