DIY: The Belt Bracelet

HAPPY THORSDAY! (did you know the day “Thursday” was named by the Vikings who originally settled North America as Newfoundland? They named the day after their god Thor…hence THORSday)

I learned that from Carmen San Diego. Talk about a foxy lady!

ANYWAY. Back to the durrty. Let’s make some baller-bracelets!

Supplies Needed:

Girls belt in size Small or Medium


Some good jams to listen to. I suggest the new M83 single!

This project is SO easy peezy. Start by hitting up a store that will cary little girls skinny belts. I suggest looking at Justice, Libby-Lou, or the Miley Cyrus collection at Wal-Mart (this is where I purchased my studded guy).

Here’s an example from Justice:

Oh to be 12 again!

Now we craft. Wrap the belt around your wrist and fasten it together. You’ll most likely have a tail hanging off and lookin’ ugly. Simply cut the excess belt off and round the edges to make it blend in with the rest of the bracelet.


Now go be fabulous.

Who knew Miley Cyrus could look so good?

Remember to come find Blythe or I at Food Truck Friday for a FREEEE giveaway!

love and poodlez


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