Home DIY: Vases

This is a no nonsense DIY, meaning it’s easy. You can probably use things that are already in your house. You won’t accidentally super glue your fingers together or spill glitter everywhere. All you really need is a little creativity and your imagination.

So let’s just get something out of the way. I love flowers. All kinds of flowers, pretty ones, branchy ones, bristly ones, all kinds. And I love keeping flowers in my apartment. It makes me feel pretty, whimsical, grown up, etc. What I don’t appreciate is how expensive vases are. A piece of glass that holds flowers (at least the non horrid ones) start at like $10. In true Ballin’ on a Budget fashion, I’ve found a vase substitute, er a few substitutes. I use just about anything to display my lovely plant friends. In the photo above I’m using the following: beer bottles,  an olive jar and an old candle. Anything that you already purchase that comes in a cool piece of glass/jar/bottle can become a vase. My collection of “vases” include beer bottles (brown/green/clear), jam jars, olive jars, old candle holders, spaghetti jars. Basically just about anything. To convert something currently in your fridge/home into a vase follow these steps:

For jars/things with labels:

Soak the item in warm, soapy water for approx an hour. Then you can begin to peel the label off. Take a knife and use the blunt (aka not the sharp side) to lightly scratch off the sticky part. Then completely wash and dry the jar and voila! a new vase.

For candles:

I buy candles a lot because, who doesn’t like a nice smelling apartment? Once the candle is burned all the way down and it can no longer be lit, I use a spoon and scrape out as much of the wax as I can. Then I follow the steps above to get the remainder of the wax/label off.

I buy the majority of my flowers from this great independent flower shop called BoKay on Kessler and Keystone. I like them the best because 1. their flowers are well priced and 2. they have a wide selection of free stems, meaning I can pick and choose what I want.

A fettuccine alfredo jar

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