Black Acre Brewing Company

So this is a shameless promotion but, frankly, I really don’t care. A long, long time ago (okay like 2010) some friends got together who really like beer and brewing it themselves. Then, one day, they were like “Hey, you know what, we make good beer, maybe we should start a brewery?” and Black Acre Brewing Company was born. They decided to set up shop in one of the raddest neighborhoods in town: Irvington. Besides being the original home of Butler University, Irvington is super old, est 1870. There are a lot of old, big houses, old buildings and Irvington is supposably haunted. I mean, President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession train came through Irvington on it’s way to Illinois. So, basically, Irvington is pretty cool, not to mention all of the independently owned shops, restaurants and the general baller shockaller community.

Black Acre Brewing Company, after many months of hard work, sweat, probably a few tears and a little blood, is finally in the home stretch of opening. Currently, they’re doing a soft opening/private party for all the lovely folks that have helped make it happen; their investors, fellow business owners and friends. Next week they’ll be opening their doors to the general public and in a few weeks a big, bad grand opening will happen, which is when they’ll finally be able to serve you a cold, delicious pint of the beer they created. And who said that dreams don’t come true? So if you find yourself in need of great company, delicious treats and feel like staring at an incredibly ¬†beautiful space (shoutout to their design firm One 10 Studio) then head on down to Black Acre Brewing Company in historic Irvington, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


Below are some random photos of the whole process, space, people wherever I was able to steal photos from, basically.




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