While I’m SO GLAD I got to visit Slush in Washington DC, I missed this incredible band at the White Rabbit last Sunday. Sniff, Sniff. You might recognize that opening rift + lyric from a New Girl episode. I know that’s where I first discovered Lucius and skipped back so I could Shazam it. On Spotify, you could only listen to their EP, which is equally whimsical and wonderful BUT they recently released their first full length album. ¬†Wildewoman is a throwback to the albums of yesteryear when an entire album was one cohesive thought. Your directions for this album are as follows: listen from beginning to end. repeat.

Seriously though, Wildewoman will be the soundtrack to your autumn and winter, it’s already mine. Perfect for overcast days and the turning of the leaves, let Lucius warm you into winter.