DIY: Ripped Denim Cut-off Shorts

Urban Outfitters: $44

Me: $5

 Supplies Needed: 
  • Old School Jeans
  • Sharp Knife
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Bleach
  • Q-tip
  1. For Old-school Jeans hit up your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or whatever cheap-o thrift store is around town. Go straight to the women’s jean section and you’ll surly find a plethora of choices reminiscent of Rachel and Monica’s style back in the early seasons of Friends (how YOU doin?) or The Donna for you 90210 fans. Brands like Levis, Lee, and LA Blues are solid choices. High waist. Faded Wash. Done.
  2. Craft time! Slip into those 90s beauties and mark with a pen where you want your shorts to hit on the leg. Next, grab a ruler and draw through your length marking to the edge of the jeans. TIP: angle the ruler upward like a half “V” from the crotch to the edge of the outer seam. By making the outer edges shorter your legs will appear longer all while giving the crotch some more fabric preventing the “riding up” factor that comes with wearing short shorts. Now, using (non safety) scissors, cut along the line you have just traced removing the legs of the jeans completely. Slip them on once more and adjust the length accordingly.
  3. Ready for the FUN part? Very carefully pick up that sharp knife and use the tip to “rake” holes into the fabric wherever you see fit. DO NOT DIRECTLY CUT A HOLE WITH SCISSORS. The raking motion of the knife slowing wears away at the fabric causing the netted look seen above. Be patient. It takes some time to work the fabric and get your holes into perfect form. Don’t be afraid to distress the pockets and fringe the bottoms by using the knife to pull out individual strands of denim.
  4. Finally, dip a q-tip in a bit of bleach and go over the holes, belt loops, and other areas you want to highlight in the fabric. Throw the shorts in the washer ALONE (don’t want to bleach out your fave tee) as well as the dryer to achieve the fringy, worn look.
I was (window) shopping pricy boutiqes in Wicker Park, Chicago last summer when I stumbled upon a pair of vintage, Levi cutoffs with a gold studded back pocket. Price tag? $150. Woof. No way jose.
So here’s my version. I used studs off of an old pair of sandals that broke but you can purchase studs at most craft stores like Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Basically, I distressed the back pocket using the same method from above and simply attached the studs by puncturing them through the fabric and fastening their prongs tightly together. Be sure to patch over the studs on the inside of the jeans in order to prevent booty poke-age….I’m serious.
Please post pictures of your creations!

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